Profiles of two Frugal families

A Cambridge couple Liz and Nate, who retired at the age of 30 and a Noblesville couple Holly and Greg who are living their dream by being frugal are great role models for anyone who wants to get out of debt and build a life that reflects their values.

Incidentally both these couples were in the corporate lifestyle and realized at a point that they were living someone else’s dream. Unlike most of us who are so trapped in the conveniences of the regular life, they actually took action. As Liz says, one has to have a plan, a vision of being free and work towards it with all seriousness. Both the couples talk about the importance of getting out of debt. Debt is the biggest hurdle to independence. They take their pride not in the possessions that they have but in the fact that they can do what they want.

Sure, they are proud of the fact that they have not bought clothes for month and they are driving old dingy vehicles. The pride comes because of the vision of freedom that is overriding. They know that these superficial things do not really matter for them. They would rather be free to live the life they want than to buy the latest iphone.

You can read their adventures at the well maintained sites of Liz and Nate(Frugalwoods) and Holly and Greg(ClubThrifty).