The Happy Life

Happiness is the number one goal for most of the people. Everyone lives to be happy and no one wants to live a sad life. Every action that we undertakes seems to have one objective, which is to increase the level of our happiness. But is happiness so crucial to life? Is the seeking happiness actually making us happy? One needs to be closely observant of life if one wants to understand this.

In the first place there is no standard definition of happiness and the scientific study of the same is based on verbalization of subjective feelings that people have. Most often used method is for people to report their level of happiness at randomly selected times of the day. But is this method an appropriate way to find out if a person is really happy the way some other person is? Some people may describe sensual pleasure as happiness, some other intellectual challenge and yet some other love for family members. Are all these types of happiness the same? Anyways, we would accept that method since we do not have anything better to suggest.

Once we accept that happiness is self described and subjectively felt, we need to wonder if just thinking about it as a goal would get us a bit of it. Oftentimes we have seen in other goals that the pursuit of a goal is not guaranteed to give you the desired object unless there are favorable circumstances. Just as an example, if you want to acquire an expensive sports car, it is not necessary that you would get it unless you have the ability to earn the money for the same which depends on the skills you have and what you would get paid for those skills. The point I am trying to make is that you enter a complex maze of skills, abilities and circumstances when you want to get something. Is happiness any different? Does achieving happiness require us to achieve some other things? And what are those things?

We will explore that soon, keep thinking about the same.